How Much Does It Cost To Paint A House Interior

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How Much Does It Cost To Paint A House Interior

Cost to paint a house interior

How to calculate the cost of painting a house. Color is important as the character of your home. For that, to paint the walls of the house can not be done haphazardly. The quality of paint you also need to pay attention to, the highest quality paint usually has long durability and can survive in all weather conditions. The next factor that is no less important to consider is the budget required for the painting.

How Much Does It Cost To Paint A House Interior

How Much Does It Cost To Paint A House Interior

Here we provide a good review of the selection of paint, the total budget needed, step by step to paint the house itself, as well as other tips.

Calculating the price of wall paint must consider the room to be painted in more than one and quite spacious. Why is the calculation of the estimated cost of painting important? In calculating the budget for painting a house, there are several things to consider. How much does it cost to paint a house interior calculator, you don’t need to be confused anymore. The way is easy, you can use a calculator application to calculate the house painting budget. This calculator application is available on paint company websites such as Asian Paints.

Get a quick painting estimate

This calculator will calculate automatically how much it costs in terms of painting based on the area of ​​the room and the price of the paint used.

On this page, you can calculate the total price of wall paint with a budget calculation. Other than that;

  1. You can determine what type of room you will paint, whether it is an inner room or an outside room.
  2. Work on painting, you can specify whether you want to do a new painting or repainting.
  3. You can choose how many rooms to paint. In the paint budget calculation from Asian Paints, there are several room options, ranging from one to six rooms. You can also enter the total area of ​​the floor area in the room to be painted.

In the final stages of the painting process, you can click ‘Plain’ to choose the best type of paint to use. Finally, click on ‘Calculate’, then from there will appear the budget you have to prepare and the quantity of wall paint needed.

You can save or print the data if needed at any time.

The sequence of steps to paint the house both by yourself (DIY), interior, and exterior

  • Sterilize the walls. The wall to be painted must be clean of pictures, ornaments, wall shelves, mirrors. paintings, etc. Cover the floor around the wall to be painted with used cardboard or newspaper, so that the paint does not drip on the floor.
  • Close the socket. All wall sockets on the wall must also be covered with masking tape or tape so that the paint does not drip into the outlet socket.
  • Clean the wall. Try touching the wall with your hands, does the wall feel oily? If so, that means the wall must be cleaned using detergent and water. Are there lots of white powders sticking to your hands after touching the wall? This means the walls are experiencing calcification. The wall needs to be sanded and sprayed with water, then left overnight to dry before painting.
  • Perforated wall patch. Look, is there a hole in the wall that will be repainted? If yes, cover the hole with putty which can be obtained at the nearest building material store. The hole must be cleaned first, after that put putty into it. Then sand the remaining putty. When the putty is dry, paint the putty area with the same color as the surrounding area.
  • If the hole in the wall is too big. To close the wide, deep nail holes, a mortar, sand, and water are needed to cover it. The trick, the hole that has been cleaned is moistened with water first. Then put the cement and sand mixture into the hole. Wait until the cement mixture and sand dries, then lightly apply the cement that has been mixed with enough water. Flatten using a chop/trowel or large knife to smooth the wall surface. Painting can be done after the hole that has been closed is dry. Another way is to close the hole using an alkali or wall sealer.
  • White as the base color. For satisfying results, use white as the base color. After that, painting the house as a whole can be done using the color of your choice. Some suggest painting the house three times to make the wall color more durable.

How much does it cost to paint a house interior yourself ?

Choosing wall paint before painting the house. Today there are tons of wall paints on the market in various brands. The quality of wall paint is also not the same between one and another. The following criteria for quality wall paint:

  1. Walls with quality paint can be cleaned using a damp cloth when dirty, does not imprint on the hands, and is not easy to peel off when the surface is tapped.
  2. Exterior walls (outdoor) should be painted with wall paint containing double UV protection so that the walls do not fade easily due to exposure to the sun and extreme weather.
  3. It does not contain lead or lead (Pb) and mercury (Hg), because these two substances can be dangerous to health. Children and infants exposed to mercury can experience intelligence and behavior disorders.
  4. Wall paints without pure elastomeric polymer acrylic are usually of poor quality. Also, the best wall paint does not smell piercing nose, soft, and not sticky in the hand.

Exterior wall paint is usually more expensive than interior wall paint considering the paint content that has been prepared to deal with heavy terrain, namely weather, and sunlight.

  1. Wall paints should not contain pp ACM (white glue). This is because the glue will dissolve in water, so the walls containing white glue will easily peel off when exposed to rain. Also, walls with this type of paint will leave white marks if rubbed by hand or rub against clothes or other objects.
  2. Quality wall paint can last a minimum of 5 years until the next repaint.

Handling for problematic walls. Apart from nail holes in the wall, the following problems are common at home. Just repainting does not solve the problem, and it must be discovered whether the root of the problem is the wall so that the work of painting the house is not in vain or must be repeated within a few months. Here are some of the issues in question: Wall paint peeling off. If the paint is easy to peel off even after repainting, it means that the condition of the wall is damp due to the seepage of water from leaking waterways or imperfect home construction.

Try to see whether the wall is adjacent to the park. Water that seeps in the ground in the garden area may seep up into the wall and cause wall paint to peel. Another thing that could be the cause is the imperfect composition of cement and sand so that the walls contain alkaline salt and easily absorb water.

The solution is that the source of the leak must be handled before painting the house. All the top layers of the wall must be cleaned then do several stages of painting. First, paint the walls with primary alkaline paint. After it is completely dry, apply the paint with high adhesion and elasticity. The paint we recommend is acrylic paint, especially for exterior wall paint.

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