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How To Decorate A Large Wall In A Living Room Never Be Boring

How To Decorate A Large Wall In A Living Room

Living room decoration for a large wall in the living room

How to decorate a large wall in a living room. The plus point of having a large-sized property other than prestige is extra space to maximize. But once there are times when homeowners get confused about how to fill the rooms in it so it doesn’t look empty. For this reason, the proper arrangement is needed for a large room. Check out how you can anticipate a large room to be more organized but not excessive.

Large wall decor ideas for living room decoration can be a refinement of the interior concept of the living room, especially for a living room that has not been updated for a long time. Some of these living room decorations invite you to be more courageous in creating a new atmosphere through the play of colors, patterns, and materials.

How To Decorate A Large Wall In A Living Room Never Be Boring
How To Decorate A Large Wall In A Living Room Never Be Boring

7 ways to decorate a large wall in the living room that will never be boring

1. Attractive Mural Decoration

Do not leave the wall empty. Fill the walls with decorations such as paintings, photos, wall shelves, clocks, lamps, ornamental plants, wall stickers, and others. Laying or hanging decorations that tend to be low can also give the impression of a low ceiling. For bedrooms, you can choose a large bed headboard. Avoid installing large glass because it can add extensive effects to the room.

Attractive Mural Decoration
Attractive Mural Decoration for living room

Several types of living room decoration can bring out attractive accents on the wall, such as wallpaper or wall stickers. However, try to get out of your comfort zone by trying to decorate another living room, something that might be new to you, which is a mural.

Even if you feel that you are not talented enough to paint murals, the artistic and personal touches on the decoration of this living room can create a charming, maximal impression.

2. Divide the Room with Partitions

Partitions make it easy for you to divide an area that is too broad into several parts while providing additional privacy. The partition can be anything as long as it can cover a portion of the room, for example, storage racks, cabinets, sofas, room dividers that can be folded, wood structure, curtains, or even a piece of cloth that is hung.

3. Gallery on the Wall

Arrange all the wall decorations that you have dynamically at the top of the living room sofa. In addition to hanging it on the wall so it looks like a college unity, you can use the shelves to display the living room decoration.

Gallery On The Wall For Living Room
Gallery On The Wall For Living Room

Use a picture frame that displays a variety of finishes ranging from memorable wood to glossy or metallic. The living room’s decorative arrangement forms a symmetrical composition using different frame sizes.

You can choose your favorite decoration model that you want to put on the shelves, such as paintings, aphorisms, or calligraphy. The distance between frames should be made consistent so that the living room decoration series does not look as long as it piles up or moves.

4. Collection on Open Shelves

Choose Furniture Length. Maximize the area of ​​the room by choosing furniture with extra sizes. For a family room, for example, choose a 3-seater sofa or an L-shaped sofa that can fill the room faster. Combine with a single sofa, chair, ottoman, or coffee table as an accent.

Collection On Open Shelves For Living Room
Collection On Open Shelves For Living Room

Although it is a communal space, there is no harm in showing a personal touch in the living room, especially if it makes the owner more comfortable being there. Take advantage of the private collection that you have as a decoration of the living room. Use the open shelves to display the decoration of the living room.

It doesn’t have to consist of just one type of collection, a living room decoration from a private collection can be in the form of books, toys, or antiques from the past.

5. Ornamental Plants

You can include natural elements by presenting greenery. Choose tall plants that are lush or broadleaf, so that high ceilings and spacious rooms can seem more contained. If you want to put more than one plant, pay attention to the position between plants and also between furniture. Try to keep the plants placed at several points far apart and adjusted to the density of the furniture around so as not to be too crowded.

Ornamental Plants For Living Room
Ornamental Plants For Living Room

In addition to bringing coolness and natural impression, placing ornamental plants as decoration of the living room is also good for your health and psychology. This living room decoration can clear the air inside the house while providing a relaxing effect for the owner. If you do not want to bother taking care of him, you can use fake ornamental plants that can still make the living room look alive.

6. Experimenting with Paint

Wall Paint is a part of living room decoration that you can process creatively. Moreover, wall paint is the decoration of the living room that most easily builds a certain impression.

Make the wall area as a medium for you to experiment, such as by coloring one part of the wall with a bolder color. As the color of the interior of the house is black blue which gives a different visual effect in the living room, where most of the walls are dominated by white.

The trick to applying the decoration of the living room with this paint becomes a middle ground when you and other family members have differences in color tastes.

7. Lower the Ceiling with Color Illusions

The first step before filling the room with furniture is to color it with paint or install wallpaper in two colors. In addition to making the room not monotonous, a wall with two color combinations, especially dark colors, can give a low impression on high ceilings. Choose a harmonious color combination with the overall theme of the room, but do not hesitate to be creative with contrasting or striking colors.

Not only that, but you can also use decorative furniture as decoration in the living room.

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